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2021-22 PROJECTS

Love Rowing's mission is to:

Create Accessible and Inclusive Rowing Programmes For Communities That Are Underrepresented in The Sport!

We want to bring more people into the sport of rowing with a focus on;

➡️ Young people from lower socioeconomic communities

➡️ People with disabilities, and

➡️ Ethnically diverse communities.

We fund these projects through grants raised by donations and our yearly BIG ROW fundraiser (see TheBigRow tab above)

In 2021-22 we funded and part-funded 20 youth, adaptive and community initiatives from across the UK!

13 of these initiatives were given grants, and 7 of them received funding equal to what they themselves raised as part of the Big Row fundraiser

Please see below to find out how our funding impacted these projects!


2021-22 Youth Initiatives

⭐ Carrick RC

Area : Falmouth and Penryn

About : After some successful learn to row pilots, Carrick Rowing Club decided to expand their youth initiative. They target children in receipt of free school meals in the Falmouth & Penryn region, and contacted Love Rowing for a grant to refurbish some of their coastal rowing boats to use as part of their youth initiative.

Impact : Love Rowing's grant enabled Carrick RC to refurbish two costal quads, and they are hoping to use these boats to engage up to 80 young people in 4 up-and-coming rowing programmes.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Carrick RC, please follow this link to their Facebook page.

⭐ East Anglia Youth Rowing

Area : East Anglia

About : East Anglia Youth Rowing (EAYR for short) have done an incredible job of showing how the sport of rowing can not only be introduced to state schools, but can actually integrate into the state school system to hopefully become a staple sport for state schools in the area!

Impact: Love Rowing's grant helped EAYR to launch the programmes. It provided seed funding to get 4 state schools rowing. It has grown considerably 7 months on and EAYR have now employed a full time coach dedicated to the project. The programme has made such a difference to students and even the teachers themselves are involved with coaching and supporting at the club.
Two of the students have since joined the junior programme at the club.

Link : If you would like to find out more about EAYR, please follow this link to visit their website!

⭐ Fulham Reach

Area : Fulham, London

About : Like EAYR, Fulham Reach is another one of our big impact initiatives - from post-lockdown to April last year they had already introduced students from 8 state schools to the sport of rowing, with a total of 921 students attending on-water sessions! What's more is that 60% of attendees were female, and 39% were from ethnically diverse backgrounds! These statistics are almost mind blowing, and we are in awe of the sheer scope of impact Fulham Reach are having in their area.

Impact : Their Love Rowing grant went towards helping Fulham Reach support more state school pupils from minority backgrounds.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Fulham Reach, their impact, and how to donate to them directly, please visit to find out more!

⭐ Here For Sport at Coventry City BC

Area : Coventry

About : Here For Sport is a growing rowing initiative based in Coventry. They approached Love Rowing for funding to help kickstart the creation of a school rowing programme. They've got big goals, and haven't stopped fundraising. Please visit their website (link below) to find out more.

Impact : Their Love Rowing grant allowed Here For Sport to purchase coaching qualifications for their staff, and one ergo. With this they have been able to begin training teachers at the local Foxford School how to row, and how to teach rowing to their pupils!

Link : If you would like to find out more about the Here For Sport initiative, please visit to view the initiative website.

⭐ The Gorse Academies Trust

Area : Leeds

About : The Gorse Academies Trust (TGAT) are all state schools in Leeds that have an above average number of pupils in receipt of free school meals. TGAT are yet another example of an initiative really paving the way for rowing to be a viable option for state schools to include in their physical education curriculum. The Academy delivers indoor rowing to up to 5,800 students per year! A staggering number. They approached Love Rowing for a grant to help them run 6 weeks of on-water taster courses for students as an incentive to attending school and completing their exams!

Impact : With their grant, Gorse Academy successfully ran their taster courses for 323 children. They were also able to provide each student with an ice cream. This was the first time many of these students rowed on water and it was a huge success.

Link : If you would like to find out more about the Gorse Academies Trust, please visit, or follow @tgbc_leeds on Instagram for updates on the initiative.

⭐ Trentham BC

Area : Staffordshire

About : Trentham Boat Club already had a substantial Junior section when they approached Love Rowing, but they wanted to widen their scope and increase diversity and inclusion, and for this they needed some extra funding to reach certain demographics, and to then give them the assistance they needed to participate.

Impact : With their grant, Trentham have grown their Junior section further, and run summer holiday sessions on top of their existing term time sessions.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Trentham Juniors, please visit the Juniors section of their website by following this link

⭐ Tyne United RC

Area : Newcastle and Gateshead

About : When they approached Love Rowing, Tyne United Rowing Club had already initiated a state school rowing programme at Sacred Heart Catholic High School. They wanted to not only expand their programme to a further four schools in the area, but to embed the sport of rowing into their physical education curriculums too! We're seeing a lot of clubs, programmes and initiatives questioning the currently limitations of state school sports curriculums, and this is so great to see!!!

Impact : Tyne United RC used their grant to hold a number of indoor rowing workshops at local state schools, followed by water-based experiences at the club. So far they have introduced over 230 pupils to rowing for the first time!

Link : If you would like to find out more about Tyne United RC, please follow this link to view their website.

⭐ B-Row

Area : Birmingham

About : When Birmingham B Row contacted Love Rowing, they had already had quite an impact in the area, having worked with 12 schools and over 350 students per year. The initiative was created to introduce children from deprived areas of the city to rowing, but they required a grant to help maintain and grow their existing state school programme.

Impact : Birmingham B Row continue to have a positive impact in the area and we will be keeping an eye out for their progress!

Link : If you would like to find out more about, please visit

⭐ City of Bristol RC

Area : Bristol

About : Thanks to committed volunteers, City of Bristol Rowing Club have a history of running outreach programmes for local state school children, and when they approached Love Rowing, they had already established a relationship with the Oasis Academy in Brightstowe. The club required funds to expand the length of time for which the keener students could be supported by the club to continue rowing.

Impact : City of Bristol successfully raised £1,627 by participating in the Big Row, and this amount was then equalled by Love Rowing. With these funds, they created a bursary scheme to support state school pupils whose families would otherwise be unable to afford club fees.

Link : If you would like to find out more about City of Bristol's bursary scheme, please visit their Just Giving page by following this link, or visit their Facebook page at to find out more about the club.

⭐ Molesey BC

Area : Molesey, London

About : Molesey Boat Club (MBC) proposed to run five 8 week learn to row programmes for underprivileged young people in the area, and to provide 8 rowing bursaries.

Impact : MBC raised £855 during the Big Row, which was equalled by Love Rowing. They used the combined funds to support their currently thriving Junior section, and to continue running their learn to row courses.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Molesey Boat Club's Junior initiative, please visit the Junior sections of their website at

⭐ Radley College State School Programme

Area : Abingdon

About : Radley College, with help from Hinksey Sculling School have partnered with a local state school, the Oxford Academy to run learn to row courses for students who could not afford to access rowing otherwise.

Impact : Radley College Boat Club participated in the Big Row and raised £746, which was equalled by Love Rowing. These funds were used to kickstart their learn to row courses, which have since received very positive feedback from academy students and teachers. Radley intend to expand the programme in the future.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Radley College's State School Programme, look out for posts on their Facebook page at

⭐ Wychwood School

Area : Oxford

About : Whychwood School's proposition was to introduce rowing to their schools physical education curriculum.

Impact : Even participating in the fundraiser provided a great experience for pupils, and they were all keen to continue rowing as part of the curriculum.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Wychwood School's initiative, please visit and navigate to their news section.

2021-22 Adaptive Initiatives

City of Oxford RC

Area : Oxford

About : City of Oxford Rowing Club run monthly community rowing sessions in partnership with the Silver Linings Charity - a charity that specialises in supporting people who have been affected by traumatic brain injuries. Love Rowing funded this programme for a year covering coaching, catering and transportation to and from the club for the participants.

Impact : The participants from the Silverlinings Charity have told Love Rowing it really opened doors for them when many were shut. They absolutely loved the sessions. They had never been offered rowing as a sport for them to join and didn't ever think it was something they could do. Brain injury means varying levels of disability and many of the Silverliners thought they couldn't get on the water. By the second session, they were on the water rowing! The impact on friends and family is huge and it is a real pleasure to fund this project. We underestimated just how much is means to the Silverliners and we look forward to doing more with them across the country.

Link : If you would like to find out more about City of Oxford RC, please visit their website at, and if you would like to read more about the Silverlinings Charity, please follow this link -

City of Swansea RC

Area : Swansea

About : With a substantial number of adaptive members using their club, City of Swansea Rowing Club felt they needed to improve their existing facilities to better accommodate members with disabilities. They therefore approached Love Rowing for a grant to purchase adaptive seats and sculling blades so that adaptive members could maximise their experiences of rowing at Swansea.

Link : If you would like to find out more about City of Swansea RC, please visit their Facebook page by following this link

Southampton Coalporters ARC

Area : Southampton

About : Again, with a number of adaptive members, Southampton Coalporters ARC wanted to make sure their club was accessible and inclusive enough for all members to make the most out of their experiences. They also approached Love Rowing for a grant to purchase equipment to allow their adaptive members to safely participate in single sculling at the club.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Coalporters ARC, please visit their website at

Marlow RC

Area : Marlow

About : Marlow Rowing Club already had an established adaptive section when they approached us, with some of their previous members successfully trialling for the GB Paralympic squad! However, they required extra equipment to keep supporting their members with disabilities, and that's where Love Rowing came in!

Impact : After purchasing the seats, Marlow RC have been able to support four adaptive rowers of varying abilities to enjoy sculling at the club.

Link : If you would like to find out more about adaptive rowing at Marlow RC, please visit the adaptive section of their website at

Grosvenor Chester RC

Area : Chester

About : Grosvenor Chester Rowing Club participated in the Big Row to fund a project which would support children from St Vincent's School to try rowing at the club - St Vincent's School is a school for children with sensory impairment and other specialist needs. The money the raised (which was a decent amount) was equalled by Love Rowing!

Link : If you would like to find out more about Grosvenor Chester RC, please visit their website at, where you will also find a section on their 'Rowability' disability initiative, and if you would like to understand more about St Vincent's School, please follow this link -

Maidenhead RC

Area : Maidenhead

About : Maidenhead Rowing Club participated in the Big Row to raise funds for the purchase of an adaptive ergo seat so that their members with disabilities could have equal access to club facilities! The funds they raised were equalled by Love Rowing.

Link : f you would like to find out more about Maidenhead RC, please visit their website at, where you can also navigate to their Adaptive section.

2021-22 Community Initiatives

iBelong at Lea RC

Area : Hackney, Harringay, and Waltham Forest

About : The iBelong project is run from Lea Rowing Club, and was set up to ensure that their membership truly represented the diversity of the surrounding borroughs. The project ran ergo sessions, followed by learn to row courses, and their impact has been very substantial.

Impact : After teaming up with the T Twenty Movement, iBelong have successfully enticed a number of people from surrounding ethnic minority communities to their learn to row courses, and have even retained some of them as members. It's clear that their brand is shifting towards equality and diversity, and we love to see it!

Link : If you would like to find out more about iBelong, please visit their website at!


Area : Manchester

About : The United Estates of Wythenshawe (UEW) is an inner city cultural and social centre (gym), located in Manchester. They were one of the first initiatives to receive a Love Rowing grant, but unfortunately progress was delayed due to Covid. However, they used their grant to purchase indoor rowing equipment for the community gym, which would be used by a variety of demographics, such as the elderly and young mothers.

Link : If you would like to find out more about Wythenshawe, please visit their Twitter -

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